Our Statement of Purpose:

To build and nurture a community that supports each other in our personal and spiritual growth.

Our Mission:

To be a presence of love, peace, kindness and joy, and to affirm the wholeness and abundance in our lives.

We understand that while we are classified by the State as a “church”, we are a non-denominational, metaphysical, spiritual community committed to offering an alternative to established religious dogma and the belief that there is a god or being separate from ourselves, or that any one sacred text has all the answers. We draw guidance to empower ourselves and live abundantly from a broad spectrum of sacred texts and practices such as Christianity, Paganism, Buddhism, Hinduism and other metaphysical practices. We believe that we are at choice and in charge of our reactions and responses to the people and things that show up in our lives. Living from this awareness we call direct practice and by being at choice we realize we can be a presence of fear and doubt or we can be a presence of love, peace, compassion and kindness.