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It's our community

​While love is free and eternal, the power company, the landlord, and all of the other expenses do require payment. Even the coffee that is free for everyone at our gatherings needed currency to purchase.  


​As a community, it is our responsibility to help keep the doors open for others to find that same love that you received. Imagine if someone had not had taken the chance to provide that start-up donation? You may not have ever joined us. We want to ensure that others continue to find this loving home. 


If we provide a place where we are helping others see how loving and amazing they are, think about how much love is going back out into the world. This place is where change starts, at the local level as a community of friends keeping love flowing in times that feel uncertain. 


This site is wholly owned and operated by Sacred Space Spiritual Community. 100% of all donations come to us without an intermediary. 

Want to be part of Sacred Space online? Join the social community today! 

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