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Terms of use -


Limitation of Liability


Sacred Space Spiritual Center, its affiliates and leadership, is not responsible for any emotional, physical, mental or spiritual experiences that anyone may encounter connected to this website or Sacred Space's physical locations.


In the off chance that someone was to post something unloving, hurtful, or just downright mean, these are not the opinions of Sacred Space Spiritual Center, its affiliates, leadership, etc. Every post on this page is solely the opinion of the poster. While we aim to prevent censorship, in certain cases, we may be required to remove a post to keep the sanctity of our community.... In short, Sacred Space loves you; we are not responsible for your life experiences should they arise while using our sites or services. If you are ever in spiritual crises, we have a whole list of leaders available to help you, if you are in physical crisis, please call 911 or consult with your medical professionals first, then call us, and we will gladly give you hugs.



Permitted Use


All content posted on this site is for private "religious" use only. No content may be distributed or reposted without express written permission from the sites master administrator. All post are not confidential but should be treated as such.  Media relations should go through our business office located at 2111 Front St NE, Salem, Oregon. Please respect our religious views and do not post anything publicly that one of our members may share. While we love all humans, businesses do not have a heart, and we will legally protect our member's privacy.




All content contained here- in, is the property of Sacred Space Spiritual Center, located at 2111 Front St NE, Salem, Oregon.


Privacy Policy


We do collect certain web-based information when you visit our site. It doesn't tell us who you are unless you are a logged in member, but it does tell us what country you are from, if you are on a desktop/PC or a mobile device, and what OS (android, apple, windows) you are using.  You can rest assured that your visit is private.  We do not share or sell any information.

By using this site you are agreeing and accepting our terms of use. 

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