Thank you, for all that you are!

You are amazing!

You are wonderful!

You are a blessing!

You are a light to the world!

You are an amazing person!

We needed you, and you delivered!

You make life awesome!

We couldn't have done it with out you!

Love is everything. 

Love makes our life beautiful. 

Love is that kind smile to a stranger. 

Love is the hug that warms up your day.

Love is the song that sings to you. 

Love is forgiveness in traffic. 

Love is the smell of the seasons. 

Love is everything. 

You are the reason I woke up today. 

You helped!

Thank you for taking the time to donate to our community center. We love being able to create a place where all are welcome, and all are loved. Thank you so much for helping us keep this movement going.